Plastic Broekje (over de katoenen luier)

Every one of my kids wore cloth diapers and rubber pants. Before the day of disposable diapers, cloth diapers were pinned on and then covered with waterproof pants which were referred to as "rubber pants.

Diapers before pampers & huggies

Remember stabbing myself frequently putting my sisters nappies on.& the awful smell of the nappy bucket! cloth diaper safety pins and rubber pants.back in the day there was no such thing as dispossible diapers

Ohhhh man, I remember!

We wore black lyle stockings for school in Orange & always with a garter belt. Going out we wore clear nylon stockings & we used clear nail polish to stop a run. Pantyhose had just come to be the norm when I started work in


Street organ - you may still see these mobile organs in a shopping street on a busy saturday, providing shoppers with music ~ Draaiorgel

Half schepje Buisman en een snufje zout in de filterkoffie....

Half schepje Buisman in de percolator pot erbij

1963 de koudste winter van de eeuw, bevroren zee bij Scheveningen.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor de winter van 1963 in nederland

De melkboer - the milkman , the Netherlands, in the fifties.

Cargo bikes with special discounts Cargo bikes are high in demand and there are many companies which are making them at special discounts. Demand of cargo bikes is increasing with time because these.



Dutch paper money before the Euro: Guldens!! Visit and pay…

Dutch money before the euro called "gulden" guilder . ( so much better then the Euro :)