45+ Quick & Easy Kids Crafts that ANYONE Can Make! - these simple ideas require NO special tools or skills, so they're perfect for beginners or "non-crafty" parents!

Rainy day kids activities: Quick and Easy 15 Minute Kids Crafts that require no special skills or tools. PERFECT for beginning crafters and "non-crafty" parents - Carving out family time to create and bond is SO important!

Art projects for kids inspired by famous artists.

15 Fine Art Projects for Kids

ESCHER Coloring Pages

ESCHER Coloring Pages - I don't do colouring in lazy teaching in my classes but thought these might come in handy for tessellation/patterning or perhaps colour theory activities Geometry?

Roy Lichtenstein portrait - utiliser la gomme de crayon de papier pour faire les pois

Roy Lichtenstein inspired portraits for intro class. Contour Line self portrait + Could use top of pencil eraser to make dots.

picasso guitar - Google Search

Drawn cubism guitar - pin to your gallery. Explore what was found for the drawn cubism guitar