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My entire life, screaming past in a blur. And all I can do is try to remember what starlight looks like. The water changes colour and is viewed differently deeper into the sea due to there being less light getting down there

30 Breath Taking (i mean it) Underwater Portrait Photography

30 Breath Taking(i mean it :) Underwater Portrait Photography Amazing Underwater Portraits gathered around DeviantArt.

Night Canal

Night Canal

of our earth is covered with water. The ocean is a beautiful place and many creatures live in it. We must keep water clean because it is very very useful and helps us a lot and with a lot of things we do such as drinking, washing, bathing, and many more.

I want to learn how to swim and hope to take swimming lessons this summer.

remind me of the time when me and my cousins went far out in the see for a swim and started laughing on some joke and almost drowned! :D it was the most muscle clenching swim back to shore of my life! i'll never forget it :D