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two women are sitting in a tub with a baby and one is wearing a headscarf
Midwife Ade checking on Fitriani and her 6-day-old newborn baby Zahira. She is bathing Zahira as part of the postnatal visit that a midwife is required to do. Photo: Fauzan Ijazah/Save the Children
a woman writing on a piece of paper in front of a poster that says women still face discrimination
What are the MDGs and why do they matter? #2030NOW #MDGmomentum #MDGs #socialgood
a brochure with images of people and children in the background, including an adult holding
Our friends at the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) just released their 2013 annual report - Analysing Progress on Commitments to the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health. Please visit:
three young children standing next to each other with one holding a small child in his arms
6 Photos that Will Make You Smile: Supporting Every Woman Every Child
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Training the Trainers on simulator HMS BAB:
a group of people standing around each other in a room with boxes of donuts
Midwifery Today Conferences
There's still time to register for the Midwifery Today Conference “Midwifery: Birth Care for a Global Future”: Bad Wildbad, Germany October 17–21 2012.
a woman is staring at the camera with her eyes wide open and words campaign to end fistala
UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund
UNFPA Online Video Channel
a woman in black shirt holding a baby on top of a red blanket and two other people
Ode to Midwifery: Stories and Images Celebrating the...
Ode to Midwifery: Stories and Images Celebrating the Midwives We Love
two people sitting at a table in a room
Video | UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund
UNFPA Online Video Channel
the midwives matter logo on a blue background
April's Action of the Month: Midwives Matter
a woman standing over a baby in a hospital bed with a light shining on her
安全检测 - 认证线路
Becoming a midwife - Yemen
a woman in pink shirt standing next to two other women with arms crossed and smiling at the camera
Esther Madudu, government-employed midwife and AMREF’s nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015
Midwives of SC Women, Bust, Sacred
Midwives of SC
a woman wearing a white shirt and green tie smiling at the camera with trees in the background
Mina Timutimu Kaumatua New Zealand College of Midwives