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How to DUBSTEP? My kids always make fun of me when Itry to dubstep they always say I look like I'm having a seizure, guess this explains why ;

I literally laughed with tears down my cheeks XD

I want my groom to do this at our wedding reception.maybe not the same song, but a dance with his half of the bridal party! Best use of a Justin Bieber song. SERIOUSLY MUST WATCH. SO FUNNY i want a husband like this!


So true! The valium salt lick in the waiting room has been mentioned more than once by the staff in my ER!


Image detail for -Batman Big Bang Theory Funny Sheldon The Favim Com Dexter's Laboratory cartoon characters look like cast of Big Bang theory Mother of


Star Trek & CSI:Miami mash-up. Ya got your Kirk, your Picard doing Horatio Kane, and a bad pun/play on words all in one. I laughed.