Stepheny Houghtlin says: A beautiful path through a bejeweled garden of pinks, purples, white. I love this color combination.

ferns and alliums - Toddington Manor Garden, Bedfordshire

Gorgeous purple and green - Toddington Manor Garden, Bedfordshire Could I fit a sliver of this on our treed side yard?

Container Hydrangeas! Planting hydrangeas in containers is a great way to control the pH of the soil...and that determines the color.

While some people choose to transplant hydrangeas from pots into the soil, the plants are hardy enough to survive in potted containers. The key to healthy potted hydrangeas lies in their care.

Aanleg zitkuil in tuin in Hattem, strakke moderne tuin.

Aanleg zitkuil in tuin in Hattem, strakke moderne tuin. Like this as not square and different flooring in small space works.

Through The Hydrangeas....

hydrangeas line garden path through gate, adding anticipation to the path's sense of movement.

Supermooie strakke houten belijning voor in de tuin "to the point" structure. Good way to boldly define the space but still maintain openess.

elegantly designs timber frame make a dramatic statement in the garden. Perhaps they have a practical use also.

Allium, Summer Beauty

Not a good idea per michell. Allium, Summer Beauty Partial Shade Plant Height: Spacing: Hardy In: