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Discover fun and interactive activities to help preschoolers develop 1 to 1 correspondence skills. Enhance their math abilities while making learning enjoyable.
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Here is my much anticipated peg the dot number counting cards! Yes, I’m giving you a super cool freebie that will have your child enjoying the experience of learning to count numbers 0 – 10, identifying and ordering numbers 0 – 10, identify colours, improve their ability in matching and developing 1 to 1 correspondence. As a thank you to […]

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Grab Pete the Cat and His Groovy Buttons and these fun button counting cards for a fun math activity for preschoolers.With picture-supported one-to-one correspondence, kids will love counting along with one of their favorite books! via @lifeovercs Pre K, Montessori, Counting Activities, Prek Math, Numbers Preschool, Number Recognition, Fun Math Activities, 1 To 1 Correspondence Preschool, Counting Cards

Manipulatives help make math and other learning activities fun for kids. The more play or game like the activity is, the more receptive the child may be. That is why, for my kids, I try to use a variety of fun manipulatives with counting cards. Like these button counting cards and manipulatives. Recommended Grade Level:

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Counting with one to one correspondence is an important foundational math skill, and is different from rote counting. Read on for easy prep activities

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