13 month old milestones

Discover the key milestones that your 13-month-old baby should be reaching. From walking to talking, explore the exciting developmental stages and track your child's progress.
13-Month-Old – Toddler Month by Month

Get information on your 13-month-old's development, eating, sleep and behavior concerns. Find out what milestones your toddler will complete this month!

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Your 12 to 15-month old baby is learning new skills at a rapid rate. He is likely pointing to get the attention of others, drinking from a cup and feeding himself a snack. The following developmental milestone chart will give you a general idea of what do expect during the next few months. References Brill, A. (2017, March 16). Giant List of Self-Care Skills for Babies,Toddlers and Preschoolers. Retrieved from…

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