A love so beautiful

Experience the magic of a love so beautiful with these heartwarming stories. Discover the joy, passion, and challenges that come with this extraordinary kind of love.
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Today feels like a very unusual day for c-ent with the controversies from last year suddenly coming to a resolution all at once. Following his rise to fame in A Love So Beautiful, Hu Yitian found himself in the center of a scandal in 2018 after a leaked CCTV footage of him allegedly meeting a woman in her hotel room. A woman named Bei Yebei who claimed to be the person in the video came forward later on and meted accusations against Hu Yitian. She also leaked an audio where a man can be…

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A youthful days before the year 2020 ends! Love is in the air! (Photo : Twitter) The cast of upcoming romance drama "A Love So Beautiful" held their first script reading, and they just can't hide their overflowing excitement even before the series starts! The Korean remake for the 2017 Chinese drama "A Love So Beautiful" will finally be happening before the year 2020 ends.

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