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Fashion Whores. Trend Chasers. Chain Smoking. Drunken Boozers. It's "Absolutely Fabulous" dahhh-ling! Written by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. Jennifer Saunders, Comedians, Actors & Actresses, Celebrities, Films, Abs, Tacky, Favorite Tv Shows, Julie Andrews

Forget Lacroix darlings! Eddy, our very own PR to the fashion world, appears to be backing another designer now. It has been revealed that, Ab Fab star, Jennifer Saunders will be turning on Stella McCartney's Christmas lights at the Bruton Street store this year. Previous comedy acts have opened the festivities, including Catherine Tate and The Mighty Boosh but, for me, there is an added meaning to this latest alliance. If Stella's sheer polka-dot panel dresses had not increased my respect…

Jamie Jones