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Explore the versatility of acrylic markers and learn how to create stunning artwork with these vibrant and easy-to-use tools. Discover tips, techniques, and inspiration to elevate your art to the next level. Arrtx 36 Colors Acrylic Marker for Rock Painting, Extra Brush Tip Paint Markers, Art Supplies, Fabric Paint, Fabric Markers, Paint Pen, Art Markers, Waterproof Paint DIY Crafts Making 36D : Everything Else Paint Markers Art, Paint Pen Art, Paint Pens For Rocks, Paint Diy Crafts, Markers Art, Waterproof Pen, Waterproof Paint, Art Pens And Markers, Paint Fabric

About this item 36 Vibrant Colors Acrylic Paint Pens - This set contains one color from 30A (35), contains 10 colors from 30B (00/03/17/18/28/38/53/56/61/98), extra increasing 25 new colors added. This marker set provides more new color shades for creativity. Please note: When you open the package for the first time, the order of placing the acrylic markers is the same as the order of the color card stickers, just stick them in order. Quik Dry and Waterproof - The highly pigmented paint is…

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I do not receive a commission if you click on the links or make a purchase. See full disclosure and disclaimer policy here . Hi everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing Lightwish Acrylic Paint Markers . These are water-

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About this item ULTIMATE SET OF PAINT MAKERS FOR VERSATILE USES: Grabie acrylic paint markers featured with 0.7 mm tip, excellently designed with an optimal pump-valve system that provides accurate flow control. By varying the stroke pressure, you can draw lines of varying thicknesses from 0.7mm to 3mm, the fine tip works well for painting, drawing, calligraphy, lettering and sketching, and the side of fine tip is great for large areas of painting and coloring, perfect for different needs…

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Reversible Tips – Reversible bullet tips allow Posca markers to last twice as long as other markers; To reveal the other side of the tips, simply pull the bullet nib out to reveal one of two sides, from 0.9mm to 1.3mm Safety First – Posca markers are non-toxic, which means our pigment formula does NOT contain alcohol like other markers, each Posca marker is water-based which means it’s alcohol-free, waterproof, and still lightfast Crazy Versatile – Posca paint markers have been…

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