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Adhd checklist

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#ADD/#ADHD checklist of possible symptoms for Girls.

This post contains affiliate links. My friends at The Inclusive Class posted the following visual on Facebook: It resonated, but I found myself thinking much more about stereotypes than disabilities. You’ve done it, haven’t you? Referred to girls as “chatty”, categorized their behavior as “drama” or blamed the way she is acting on “hormones”? I certainly have. And there may well be truth to each of those descriptions. But we do our children a disservice when we simply use stereotypes to…

ADD Behavior Checklist for Boys; Removing the Stumbling Block

When I first came across this image illustrating attention deficit symptoms in girls, I immediately found myself thinking more about stereotypes than disabilities. It’s what led me to write: Making Sense of Behavior: Girls, Boys, Attention Deficits and Stereotypes. And yet, I still find myself far more concerned with the way that adults tolerate (or don’t tolerate!) such behaviors than about the differences themselves. So when I discovered the counterpart to the original image, I went a…

ADHD Explained Using Comics

ADHD can be difficult to explain, and even harder to talk about. We're creative, friendly, and misunderstood by a lot of people. My hope is to help people with #ADHD feel understood and seen, and be able to share their experiences with others.

Adults with ADHD often lose track of time. This can happen from being highly engaged in an activity, or from getting easily distracted and losing focus. Timers can be effective for planning, increasing productivity, daily routines, and ensuring that hours don't fly by without you noticing. Timer use can help reduce stress, enable you to get stuff done and give you a feeling of control and structure throughout your day.

ADHD Checklist

ADHD maybe one of the quickest disorders to recognize, he can’t sit still, she can’t control her actions, he’s easily distracted…what your looking at here are symptoms of in…

Pina✨ADHD Alien Comic on Twitter

“With ADHD, a lot of what we do or go through can be misinterpreted - by others but also by ourselves if we get told something often enough. This is the first part of my series hoping to clear up wrong assumptions and to help you find the words to communicate. Hope they help! ✨”

This free printable routine chart for kids was so helpful! If you want to establish a routine for kids, this is great information to get started. The daily checklist for kids is really cute and easy to follow!

If it wasn't for routines in our household, I would be a super stressed-out momma. Can you relate? I mean, how many times do you need to ask your kids to put their shoes on before leaving the house? Or to brush their hair (my daughter is guilty of this!). Telling your kids to follow a routine isn't enough. You've got to show it to them as well. That's why I created a Free Printable Daily Routine Checklist. Grab your freebie below so you can get your kids on a schedule!