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The House is a civilian building in Age of Empires II. It provides five population, making it one of the most essential buildings there are. If a House is destroyed, the population value it provided is lost (except for the Mongols after researching Nomads). Houses are available to all civilizations except for the Huns, who start the game with the population at the maximum in exchange for -100 wood at the game start. Apart from walls, the House is the cheapest building in the game. Its only…

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The Town Center is a key economic building in Age of Empires II that becomes freely available for construction once the Castle Age is reached, before which it is limited to one. It trains and improves Villagers, advances through Ages, and serves as a drop off point for all resources. Each Town Center also provides five population. In regular random map games, every player starts the game with a Town Center. Until the Castle Age is reached, no more Town Centers can be built unless the only…