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Protect your air conditioner and enhance the look of your home with stylish and functional air conditioner covers. Find top ideas to keep your outdoor unit safe and add a touch of elegance to your space.
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How to hide your air conditioner unit

An air conditioning or heating system always come with a disadvantage, the condenser, which is the outdoor portion of your air conditioner or heat pump. It's essential because it releases or collects the heat for your HVAC system but it's noisy and doesn't look great in your backyard or balcony. There are plenty of creative ways to hide or cover the condenser of your air conditioning system. We're breaking down for you there he most common options and their pros and cons. Hide your AC with a…

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11 DIY Easy Ways to Hide Decorating Eyesores around House

Learn how to hide ugly home decorating eyesores like outdoor electric box, bulky air conditioner unit, trashcan, thermostat and more with these creative diy ideas. #hideeyesores #diydecor

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Does Shading Your Outdoor AC Unit With an Umbrella WORK? - Clever DIY Ideas

It’s hot out. No, let me rephrase that… it’s really REALLY hot outside – and my ac unit is going full steam and really struggling to try to keep us...

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9 Best Plants To Hide AC Units

Air conditioning units are essential to keeping our homes nice and cool. However, these machines often detract from the overall beauty of the house. If you're

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Hide Your AC Unit: DIY Outdoor Air Conditioner Screen with Lattice

Hide your outdoor AC unit with this quick and easy DIY air conditioner screen built from lattice. It's non-permanent and easy to move for access, a great solution for renters or anyone who needs a quick camouflage job. Easy weekend project to improve your curb appeal and yard area.

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How To Make a Simple, Modern Screen to Hide the Ugly Stuff in Your Backyard

Central air conditioning can be a lifesaver for keeping our homes cool in the summer months, but the look of the air conditioning units themselves leave much to be desired when it comes to backyard ambience. With our home being a duplex, my husband, Ken, and I had double-trouble air conditioner units located next to our backyard patio, and we needed to find a solution for hiding them in plain sight without interfering with their efficiency.

Joy Phillips-Mayes

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