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"White plane, blue sky" by Joe_M on Flickr - A plane seen flying over Devon in a nice, clear, blue sky. Illustration Avion, Love Blue, Blue And White, White Blonde, Sky Sunset, Image Zen, Amoled Wallpapers, Plane Design, Travel Design

A plane seen flying over Devon in a nice, clear, blue sky. My big lens coupled with the huge resolution of my 7D allows me to read the planes I.D number on the underside of the right wing. PH-KCC. This tells me that it's a Dutch KLM airlines 'McDonnell Douglas MD-11' I expect I could find out where it took off, and it's destination. But I can't be bothered :)

kevin sellmeyer
Low, slow flying plane just above the Chicago building scape... believe what you want photography by Kris Brand. #Airplane #Skyline #Mysterious Street Photography, Aeroplanes, Sky High, Jets, Airplane Photography, City, Sky Scraper, Plane Photos, Air

chicago, il // tumbr | facebook | midnight blog | 500px | @krisbrand | store Something about yesterday felt fuzzy to me when i left work. I couldn't put my finger on it, but the journey from the office to the train felt more like a dream than reality. I'd been having trouble placing my finger on what was real and what wasn't since this weekend. I chose not to think too deeply into it. On the train platform there are these large bins at either end of each platform. If you're from chicago…

Brenda Schweitzer