Alphabet letter activities

Discover fun and educational activities that teach kids about alphabet letters. Get creative ideas to make learning letters exciting and interactive for your little ones.
Rainbow rice sensory writing tray with alphabet cards and number cards. Fun handwriting practice activity for preschoolers. Sensory Activities For Preschoolers, Homeschool Activities, Kids Learning Activities, Preschool Lessons, Preschool Learning Activities, Infant Activities, Preschool Crafts, Kids Crafts, Preschool Writing

A fun way to get your little ones more comfortable with writing, this Sensory Writing Tray is perfect if you want to familiarise young children with letters and numbers. Kids love this sensory experience so much that they will be begging to do some handwriting practice!

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7 Hands-on Ways to Practice Letter Recognition at home! Practice letters with these fun and easy to prep activities today!

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Use letter activities like alphabet collages or letter mats to help kids learn letter recognition and to reinforce letter-sound associations. Here are over 200 material ideas that you can use for your

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