American symbols kindergarten

Introduce your kindergartners to important American symbols through engaging and interactive activities. Discover exciting ways to teach patriotism and national pride.
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American Symbols is one of my FAVORITE units to teach. It must be yours too because over 12,000 teachers have purchased this unit from Teachers Pay Teachers ! It meets the Common Core Standards for Informational Reading with rigor and brings your classroom joy while reading! Updated with more crafts and symbols see below! My students LOVED this unit! I got 4 parent notes telling me how much they enjoyed hearing their child talk informatively and passionately about Social Studies. One parent…

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American Flag Worksheet for Kindergarten - Free Printable, Digital, & PDF

Kids can color the American flag, count stripes, and answer a series of questions about this patriotic symbol in this free social studies worksheet.

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American Symbols is one of my favorite social studies units to teach to first and second graders. I've rounded up my favorite, activities, books, and videos for teaching about American Symbols in this post. ActivitiesAmerican Symbols Bingo GameTo play this game, the teacher reads off a clue such as: "This building is on the back of the penny," and the students find the matching American symbol on their game board. Multiple clues are provided for each symbol so that your class can play again…

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