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Reader Jerry brought to my attention a silent auction concluding today in Millersburg, PA, of an Amish-owned organic dairy farm. They've provided quite a few photos from inside the home, and of the property, which you can see below. These are some of the better photos I've seen of an Amish home and property. Jerry

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I found an Amish home listing in The First State, aka Delaware. This state of just three counties has just one Amish community, but it is a long-lived one. It's located next to the city of Dover, which is one reason we might be finding this particular home advertisement online. That it, the settlement's proximity

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Jefferson Suites Collection The Jefferson Suites Collection is a charming set that will go nicely with many different types of decor that can be pasted down from generation to generation. 5 piece set includes: Bed 12 Drawer Dresser Mirror 8 Drawer Chest 3 Drawer Nightstand Other set configurations available, please contact us for details. Select Your Wood & Finish Whether you have distinct taste, or something you would like to match, our QW Amish program allows you to hand-pick the final…

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