Amish Quilts

Discover the timeless beauty of Amish quilts and add a touch of tradition to your home decor. Explore a wide range of handcrafted masterpieces that showcase exquisite craftsmanship and vibrant colors.
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I know we have a lot of readers interested in Amish quilts and many with experience buying them. We'll be hearing more soon on the subject from Janneken Smucker, author of the upcoming Amish Quilts: Crafting an American Icon, including a chance to ask Amish quilt questions. In the meantime, reader GamGam recently left an

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Every January myself and a few friends take a trip to Ohio Amish Country for a big fabric shopping spree! I didn't take pics of every single shop, I was too caught up in the moment LOL, but I did snap a few and want to share them. First, the top photo and next two photos are from Zinck's Fabric Outlet. It's a huge outlet store with lots and LOTS of variety. They've got every textile type you can dream up, and many bolts of long out of print cottons from major brands. At Zinck's I took the…

Gaurav Bora
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So it turns out the "technical difficulty" with my new camera was me. Go figure! Thanks to hubby for pointing out my error. He's better about the technical stuff than I am--it's that engineer brain of his. Anyway, I think I am back in business. Once again I sent one of my quilts on a journey to get quilted by Lynn. I took this completed top to our niece's wedding in Nebraska in May. Our parents took it with them to Utah right after that and left it with Emily. She took it to Lynn where she…

Belinda Layton