Amputee oc

Discover inspiring stories and helpful resources for amputees with an OC (above the knee) amputation. Find support, tips, and encouragement to thrive in your journey as an OC amputee. | Boots and Taupe Braces From the Front | Here is a… Shoes, Legs, Outfits, Boots, Headgear, Orthopedic Brace, Bondage, Prosthetics, Winter Boot

Here is a picture of one of my models in the braces with the boots mounted to the stirrup plates. These are the way my client wanted them. Boots hold the feet especially well for bracing as the run high up on the ankle. Skating boots are also used with orthopedic braces as they have a very stiff ankle. Made to measure braces and other leather and metal items can be made for you. Contact me at

Matthew Downs