Ancient dragon

Unveil the secrets of the ancient dragon, a legendary creature of power and wisdom. Explore fascinating stories and learn about the symbolism behind this mythical beast.
They were being tied down with some kind of silver net and being tortured by some empousa and Cyclopes Dragons, Fantasy Artwork, Ancient Dragon, Naga, Fantasy Monster, Fantasy Dragon, Red Dragon, Mythical Beast, Black Dragon

Percy is betrayed when Nick Waters, a son of Poseidon and Percy's half brother, comes to camp. Loyalties are tested and enemies are made. Sally abandons him to start a mortal family. Even with the friends he still has, Percy decides to leave the place he is unwanted. He is summoned on Olympus and accused of things he didn't do. Some believe him but most are just eager to get rid of him. But when will they learn, you can't get rid of Percy that easy. He is met with some gods and the creator…

Niki Lazarov