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Explore the lives of ancient Egyptian women and discover their important roles in society. Learn about their achievements, fashion, and influence on art and culture.
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In the twilight years of the Roman Republic, a ship sailed into the heart of Rome, carrying a passenger whose presence would send ripples through the fabric of history. She was no ordinary woman, but Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, a woman of unparalleled intellect, charisma, and political acumen. As her ship docked and she set foot on Roman soil, the city held its breath. The stage was set for a series of events that would intertwine the destinies of Rome…

oziko attebi
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Unless you are fascinated by mummies, the beauty of their well-preserved bodies may be lost on you. But surely you can appreciate the shapely leg of a woman from the Bronze Age, the supple skin of a wife from the Western Han Dynasty, and the enigmatic smile on the face of King Tutankhamun’s grandmother. The trick to admiring the flesh of these women – each of which is at least a millennium old – is to compare them to their ancient peers and to appreciate that it should long ago have crumbled…

Vicki & Bob Lynch
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A piece I did at the start of this year. I wanted to get the feeling of ancient Egyptian statuary (static pose, one leg forward), but with a more modern/realistic expression of form. It brought to mind the dance from "Prince Charming" by Adam and the Ants, so the poses are a bit of an homage :) Each model can freely rotate in the base, and the "floor" that holds the three models also freely rotates. I was dreaming of a mechanism that could rotate all the models like in the video, but it's a…

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