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This Artist Creates The Sweetest Relationship Comics And They Will Give You Butterflies Bracelets, Comics, Butterflies, Men's Accessories, Art, Inspiration, Relationship Comics, Artist, Relationship

When it comes to relationship comics, it seems that we've shared pretty much everything there is to share, from the hilariously relatable comics to the brutally honest ones - we've got you covered. Well, Taiwanese artist Mixflavor has shown a rather different side of long term relationships, a slightly more surreal and idealistic side. Real-ationships are never this full of sweet love, are they? From absolutely cute relationship situations to sweeter than heaven conversations between two…

Bình Ngô Khánh
A kuroko lockscreen ❤️ Memes Humour, Funny Jokes, Humour, Jokes, Funny Memes, Humor, Really Funny, Meme, Stupid Funny

The same cliche story of a nerd and jock falling in love. But what happens when the nerd turns out to be a boy that doesn't take shit from anybody and plays hard to get. And the jock a little too trusting. ⬇️⬇️Sneak peak⬇️⬇️ "Fine, we will do the project together." He said throwing his hands in the air, as he surrendered. I just smirked with my victory. "But in one condition; we do it outside the school. I don't want people knowing I'm hanging out with you." He said giving me a disgusted…

Elizabeth Green