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There is nothing cuter than a little bunny! Today I have LOTS of bunny pictures. Why not list a whole bunch. Infact I am listing all my non-Easter rabbits. All the people I have come across who collect bunny things are really into it. Not in a display case but all over the house. These are all free for your personal use and enjoyment. Time to clip and paste and make something! Have a (yes I am going to say it) hoppy day. Much love to you all, Louise The book cover is my all time favorite so…

An Angel on a Paper Moon - Commercial Real Photo Postcard | Flickr

Last week we got three paper moon postcards at an antique show and two on the internet. I prefer arcade postcards but I do like this commercial post card of a girl angle sitting on a paper moon. He is of foreign manufacture but I am puzzled as to his origin. The card is titled BRIEFKAART which Google translate says is "Postcard" in Afrifaans, the language spoken natively in South Africa. It is postmarked "Souda" and the only city I can find with that name is in Crete.