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Who could have thought that simple Altoid tins could transform into various useful everyday objects and even masterpieces? In this case, Ohio-based artist Remington Robinson continues to create beautiful mini Plein air paintings. His tiny blank canvas turns into realistic paintings portraying natural and urban landscapes.

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By Carrie Lewis in Art Business Advice > General Art Advice When most artists think about making money with their art, three things immediately come to mind: selling originals, doing commission work, and selling prints. Some artists might also think of teaching, or design jobs. But are those the only ways to make money as an artist? Absolutely not! In fact, we’ve put together a huge list of 77 ways you could turn your artistic skills into income. Not all of these […]

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Le Quai des Brumes,BO000015,Mixed Media,Cityscape,”The Landing of the Mist”. Please contact us for more information, private/virtual viewing, and world-wide shipping options. ,Marie-France Boisvert,36 x 48,36in x 48,36 x 48in,36in x 48in,36 in x 48,36 x 48 in,36 in x 48 in,36 inches x 48,36 x 48 inches,36 inches x 48 inches,36″ x 48,36 x 48″,36″ […]

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