Asparagus pizza

Elevate your pizza game with these mouthwatering asparagus pizza recipes. From classic combinations to creative twists, discover the perfect recipe to satisfy your cravings.
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Spring Pistachio Pesto Pizza with Asparagus and Ricotta.

This pistachio pesto pizza tastes like spring! Buttery, nutty pistachio pesto, creamy ricotta cheese, asparagus spears, green peas and lemon give this pizza so much wonderful flavor. Top with parmesan and extra greens for a major flavor punch!

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asparagus and mushroom pizza recipe

for the past 31 years of my life i have been ordering food without mushrooms. i don't like them. or at least i thought. turns out i just like GOOD mushrooms. when we were in california a few years ago we stopped at a food truck that was serving morel mushroom pizzas. we sat by a small winery drinking buttery chardonnay munching on our pizza soaking up the sun. i haven't eaten a mushroom since then. until we went to the farmers market in muskegon and started talking to one of the mushroom…

Mary Beth Balch
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Asparagus Pizza with Garlic and Parmigiano - SugarLoveSpices

Asparagus Pizza with Garlic and Parmigiano. We're taking advantage of asparagus season and finding new delectable recipes to highlight them. With just a few ingredients, and an abundance of flavor, this pizza will become your new favorite, we're sure!

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