Asparagus salad

Elevate your salad game with these delicious and healthy asparagus salad recipes. Discover refreshing combinations and easy-to-make meals that are perfect for any occasion.
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From Joshua McFadden's Six Seasons, a favorite cookbook. Notes: Bread Crumbs: I love whizzing up stale bread in the food processor and toasting the crumbs in olive oil. If you're not up for this, panko bread crumbs would be fine. I would still toast them in olive oil before adding them to the salad. You also could omit the bread crumbs and add more walnuts in their place. Also: You only need 1/3 cup of toasted bread crumbs for this recipe, but I find it easier to make a large batch of crumbs…

Anne Halson
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Marinated Asparagus Salad is always special, especially each spring and summer when fresh asparagus abounds. Make this salad ahead of time, by a couple of hours, and see a lovely meal come together quickly. Simply add lettuce greens and a simple protein.Perfect as a salad, side dish or appetizer, serve the spears long and whole, or chop into sections to serve as a spoonable side dish that's easy to eat or nibble.Marinated Asparagus Salad is perfect for a variety of whole food diets: Paleo…