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Blame it on Instagram, but when I saw a pic of Whitsundays Inlet, I knew I had to see it in person. So, I decided to take my third trip to the land Down Under. I based myself in Sydney because I have simply never heard a bad review of Australia’s most cosmopolitan city. I fell in love with Sydney, but more on that later… I flew with GSL Aviation who accommodated me with a discount and a pick-up from Hamilton Island. The six-seater plane was safe enough, but hot as blazes. That’s what I get…

Abby Sinsona
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A detailed guide on the best time to travel to Australia When is the best time to travel to Australia? I often get this question from first-time travellers, and it’s impossible to answer it in one sentence because of many factors. Australia is a vast continent located in the southern hemisphere, which means summer starts […]

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