Avocado wrap

Try these mouthwatering avocado wrap recipes for a nutritious and satisfying lunch. Find easy and flavorful ideas to pack for work or enjoy at home.

Tasty vegetarian Caesar wraps with avocado and crispy, smoky chickpea croutons! Delicious and easy, you can use a premade Caesar dressing or my own dressing recipe which is anchovy free and yogurt based.

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Making healthy and delicious lunch shouldn’t be complicated! Take a burrito size tortilla, layer it with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, chicken, and cheddar cheese, wrap it up and it’s ready to eat! It’s perfect for a to-go snack or a picnic party!

Jodie Muylle
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some meals come from inspiration, some come from necessity. what to do with that avocado that’s probably not going to make it an additional day? how about use it to make an egg salad much more delicious, and then put it all in a wrap? seems like a reasonable conclusion to come to. i personally […]

Darlene Haverstock