Awkward family christmas

Relive the laughter and cringe-worthy moments with these hilarious and memorable awkward family Christmas stories. Share your own funny holiday experiences and connect with others who have shared similar moments.
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Oh, what fun it is to laugh at hilarious awkward Christmas photos. These vintage holiday pics make the perfect gift this holiday season. While so many people try to recreate awkwardly funny pictures of their annual holiday cards, you can't top the real thing! Share in the humor and spirit and maybe a bad, creepy Santa will bring you something extra special this year.

Barb Wilde
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Don't you just love Santa? That jolly ole plump chap with the white beard, rosy cheeks, and winning smile! But Santa has a mischievous side as well, and as we see from these photobomb shenanigans, he loves nothing more than to photobomb the merry heck out of all holiday revelers.

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