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"We shouldn't be doing this." 

"I know." 

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"We shouldn't be doing this." "I know." Aurelia Moore is the worlds youngest billionaire. Striving to reach her fashion goals and blowing up her business. But something in her wants someone to love. She wants to hit that goal the most. Ace Milton is a cocky billionaire who only has one goal in mind. Making Aurelia Moore his. And he won't quit, until his dream comes true. Enjoy 💗

Bernadett Pap
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{Completed} "Kim taehyung" the most powerful alpha born in the history of Lendorr, the alpha which is famous for his perfection The people of Lendorr only have one worry and that is their "luna" Jeon jungkook who belongs to ivor pack, has only one wish and that is finding his mate and living with his mate peacefully forever But does kim taehyung want the same thing with his mate, " I will never ever love you" KTH " even if you break my heart I will love you with all the pieces " JJK " I like…

Hilary Taylor