Basement workshop

Transform your basement into a functional workshop with these creative ideas. Maximize your space and productivity with a well-designed workshop that suits your needs.
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Overhauling any area in the home can bring joy, whether it’s meticulously alphabetizing and labeling a spice drawer or eking out smart storage solutions in a tiny bathroom. But there’s something full of extra possibility when it comes to redoing areas of the home that aren’t traditional living spaces. Revamping these out-of-sight spaces doesn’t merely impose order on a space that becomes chaotic far too easily.

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No-drill Studs for Basement Tool Wall: I used to be skeptical of tool walls. Is my woodshop supposed to be a 1950s TV show set or a place to get stuff done? "Just put your tools in tool boxes or drawers!" I told myself. Then I got my hands on a free tool board for my garage. It quickly b…

Kassie Kussman
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Growing up my dad always had all his tools in a basement workshop hanging up on a giant peg board. They were always nicely organized and he always had antique items from his childhood hanging on it as well. I have collected antique sports items for a long time and wanted a room like this. Our house has a huge unfinished storage room. They had a ping-pong table in here, it's that big. One side has big built-in shelves for storage but the wall to the back was empty and had a little jut out. I…

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If you don’t have room for it, stick it in the basement, right? Well, maybe not. Basements are prone to dampness, mold, and temperature swings, which can adversely affect many of the items commonly kept down there. Always think before you stash, and never store these 10 things in your basement.

Erin Gulley