Bay area figurative movement

Discover the fascinating world of the Bay Area Figurative Movement, a groundbreaking art movement that emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn about the influential artists, explore the themes they portrayed, and understand their lasting impact on the art world.
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Six Approaches to Abstracting the Figure Workshop with Melinda CootsonaFriday-Sunday, February 16-18, 2018 | 10am-3pm | Skill Level: IntermediateClass Fee: $550 All class fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable This three-day workshop will look at six different approaches to abstracting figurative work. This will include Abstraction Within the Form, Flattening, Pattern and Collage, Exaggeration • Distortion, Cropping, Fractured • Deconstructed. Slide presentations of some…

Sheila McIntyre
Abstract and Figurative: Highlights of Bay Area Painting - Publications - Berggruen Gallery Bay Area Figurative Movement, Elmer Bischoff, Paul Wonner, David Park, Wayne Thiebaud, Richard Diebenkorn, Iconic Art, California History, Willem De Kooning

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