Being happy single

Learn how to find happiness in your own company and embrace the freedom of being single. Explore top tips and ideas to create a fulfilling and joyful life on your own terms.
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Being single is both liberating and isolating at times. It's the time you're most aware that #1 person is you. You're the one you have to count on––to get through the good and bad. No one else can bring you the validation you're craving. It has to come within. This is true when we're single or in a relationship, but when you're single you're given the gift of awareness. It's a blessing and a curse, to have the time to feel and heal. It can feel overpowering, and it's difficult to see other…

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If you would have asked me what I'd be doing for Valentine's Day two months ago I would have probably talked about the trip I was planning or some romantic dinner I had attended. Then the universe decided to throw me a curveball that led to me being dumped on the street on New Years Day. Luckily my efforts to make 2016 the best year yet have paid off, which is why I had such an incredible Valentine's Day, boyfriend or not. This year was spent without an official boyfriend but then again not…

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