Benin City

Discover the rich cultural heritage and fascinating history of Benin City. Plan your visit to this ancient city and immerse yourself in its vibrant traditions and landmarks.
Oba's Palace, Benin City, Nigeria - Site of the Benin Kingdom's Monarchy for Centuries | Bright Continent Africa, Design, 14th Century, 16th Century, World Cultures, Art, Federal, Benin City Nigeria, Benin City

The Benin palace (eguae) shares many contemporary elements with royal accommodations worldwide: air conditioning, electricity, electronics, and a glamorous new facade–an innovation of the current monarch, Oba Ewuare II. Altars to the monarchs of the past, buried in the living quarters they once occupied, nonetheless remain the spiritual heart of this royal compound. Still, externals have always been important, for they reinforce the monarch’s ultimate social status. Many of Benin’s…