Bentley brooklands

Discover the epitome of elegance with the luxurious Bentley Brooklands. Explore the features, performance, and craftsmanship that make this car an icon in the automotive industry.
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These Brooklands Coupes were a step up from the Continental R Mulliner and Continental T which it replaced Space for 4 adults as well as a huge power advantage too - 530bhp up from the 420bhp of the previous models Moreover a whopping 774 ft lbs of torque was delivered - making the twin turbo'd engine the most powerful petrol V8 in the world Top speed was 184 mph and if you

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2008 Bentley Brooklands 06 March 2007-The Bentley Brooklands is a stunning new model that marks the company’s return to the luxury coupe market and reaffirms its reputation as creator of the world’s most exclusive coupes. It is the ultimate Bentley: a stylish, four-seat, grand touring coupe with classic British proportions and muscular performance. Bentley’s chairman Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen describes the motivation behind the new coupe: ”Bentley’s proud sporting pedigree, forged by the…

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**Vertragshändler BENTLEY Stuttgart |**----**Brooklands ** Motor: 6, 75 Liter V8 mit Doppelturboaufladung Leistung: 395 kW / 537 PS bei 4000 U/min Drehmoment: 1050 Nm bei 3250 U/min Leergewicht: 2.635 Kg Maße: 5, 41m x 1, 93m x 1, 47m Beschleunigung: 0-100 Km/h in 5, 3 Sekunden Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 296 Km/h ---- ** *** Außenfarbe: Verdant * Leder: Magnolia / Cumbrian Green *