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Explore the extraordinary life and career of Betty White, an iconic actress who has captured the hearts of millions. Discover her most memorable roles and learn why she continues to be a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.
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When a beloved celebrity passes, the world stops for a moment. When news broke on Dec 31 that America’s cherished grandma Betty White passed away, not only did the world stop, but it wept. White touched everyone in some way, whether it was one of her iconic characters, her humanitarian work with animals, or a hilarious quote you kept close to you. She died at age 99, nearly two weeks from turning 100 — a milestone she desperately wanted to hit. Everyone in Hollywood seemed to have a fond…

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Betty White died at the age of 99. In celebration of her life, look to these best Betty White quotes and funny memes from the legendary actress who is best known for her roles in "The Golden Girls," "That 70's Show" and "Hot In Cleveland." Betty White's funny quips and unforgettable quotes are what makes her one of the most memorable actors over her 75 year career.