Black jaguar animal

Explore the world of black jaguars and learn about their unique characteristics. Find out why these majestic creatures are a symbol of power and mystery.

Diuen que es pot conèixer una persona pel que li agrada // They say that can know a person for what likes him

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Ek Balam, a Mayan god represented by the Black Jaguar – The Yucatan Times Jaguar, Youtube, Inca, Yucatan, Mayan, African Elephant, Jaguar Habitat, Native American, Danza

The word comes from the guaraní jaguarete. "jaguar" - and the suffix “ete”, which means "beast of prey". The word entered English presumably via the Amazonian trade language "Tupinambá". Revered by every tribe from the indigenous peoples of the United States, for some Native Americans, the word meant, “he who kills with one blow” and

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Jaguar, Panther, Panther Pictures, Feline, Black Panther Cat, Aslan, Cat Photography, Leopard, Black Panther

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