Blantons bourbon

Indulge in the smooth and complex flavors of Blanton's Bourbon. Learn about the history, production process, and unique tasting notes of this iconic whiskey. Enjoy a glass of Blanton's and elevate your whiskey experience today.
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Light oak and vanilla that wants to stay for a while. Somewhere in between your brother-in-law jetting out before the end of the 1st quarter …and your great uncle just hanging around long after the final buzzer, watching re-runs of The Price Is Right and reciting for the 26th time the story about how he was “that close” to making it on the show…

Chris King
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..until now, that is when you join and Blanton's Bourbon in Warehouse H in Frankfort, Kentucky to taste the complete collection of Blanton's in this video. If you're in the U.S.A., you have the opportunity to taste the one of a kind Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon as it is available across the country.

Héber Saraiva