Blueberry bushes

Learn how to successfully grow and care for blueberry bushes in your garden. Discover top tips and ideas for planting, pruning, and harvesting delicious blueberries at home.
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Learn how to grow blueberry shrubs in a home garden. Growing blueberries is easy as long as you plant them in the proper soil pH with organic matter and grow them in full sun. Planting more than one type encourages cross-pollination for bigger berries. #where #planting #blueberries #growing

Doreen Emmerson
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Blueberries are one of the funnest and most delicious variety of berry that you can grow, and today we'll show you a few tips and tricks on how to grow a HUGE blueberry harvest! When growing blueberries, we always recommend that you purchase a blueberry bush that's already about two years old. This is because when planting from seed or seedlings, a blueberry bush will take about 3 years to produce. Because blueberry bushes grow so big in size, we recommend growing dwarf varieties which will…

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Find out all about planting blueberry bushes in your home garden or raised beds. Learn the difference between highbush, lowbush, half-high, and rabbiteye varieties. Prune in early spring, and use sawdust and peat moss to lower the soil pH. #planting #blueberry #bushes