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This quick and easy recipe for stir-fried Baby Bok Choy with Soy Sauce and Garlic delivers a restaurant-quality side dish full of savory and umami flavors! It is one of our favorite ways to enjoy this humble green leafy vegetable together with any grilled and fried mains. Aside from being absolutely delicious, it is also nutritious, budget-friendly, and is done in less than 15 minutes!

Linda W
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Bok Choy is an excellent leafy green vegetable for a stir-fry. Chinese cabbage, also known as Bok Choy, offers two different textures in its leaves from the stems at the root end. The leafy part of the vegetable has a tender, chewy texture while the stems are crunchy, and the flavor is mildly like cabbage with a light bitter mineral taste. In addition to its unique taste, Bok Choy is high in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, which make it a nutritious choice to add to your meal. With this…