Brick kitchen floors

Elevate your kitchen design with stunning brick floors. Discover ideas and inspiration to create a timeless and charming look for your kitchen space.
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This kitchen renovation has been a LONG time coming. It's been something that we always knew would come 'later', but we never quite knew exactly when or how. We have now been in this house for 6 years this spring & we renovated this kitchen to make it more light, bright, & modern quickly because we started the adoption process & we wanted it to be functional and beautiful before baby came. The beautiful baby has now been in our home for 4 years so it's exciting to be making this kitchen what…

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An update for you on the new brick in our cozy cottage casa: The brick has officially all been installed!! The floor in the butler pantry is fully laid & grouted as well as the stove cove that is all laid & grouted as well. Since the last update on the brick we chose the grout color & we went with a 'lime' grout that is heavily sanded to show a lot of the different particles in the grout for a super natural look without being too white or too dark. The brick is laid & grouted, which is a