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Aston Martin is a British brand always connected with luxury, but this automaker has never owned a hypercar to call its own. That changes with the launch of the Valkyrie, an aerodynamic, performance-themed speed demon that is considered Aston Martin's first entrance in the hypercar war. #astonmartin #valkyrie #hypercar #luxurycars #car #expensivecars #coolcar #dreamcar #exoticcars #hotcars #cars

What Was Swinging London? Mods, Miniskirts & Music In '60s England Mannequins, Model, Dame, Women, Style, Outfit, Anos 60, Moda, Donna

With the Swinging London or Swinging Sixties scene of the '60s, England's capital became supremely influential in fashion, music, art and culture. London was the home base for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who and other British bands invading the rest of the world; the miniskirt and the Mini (car) were ultra-hip; the overall vibe on carnaby Street was mod, sexy, and extremely groovy.

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1951 MGTD Competition Abington MkII, British Racing Green with black leather. Fantastic history including connections to Prince Andrew. 1 of 11 originally produced and thought to be the only one left in the world. The early MG’s were built as a very basic automobile to be driven and maintained by their owners. Many of these owners entered their cars into rallies, hill climbs and races. Soon after the first TD’s were built, enthusiasts complained that they were not competitive with other cars…

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