Brown butter

Take your cooking to the next level with these mouthwatering recipes that feature the rich and nutty flavor of brown butter. Discover how to incorporate this ingredient into your favorite dishes.
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These brown butter chocolate chip cookies are the perfect cookie. The brown butter gives these cookies a rich toffee flavor and a hint of salt. They have crisp, golden edges, a nice crust on the outside, but are still soft and gooey in the center with melty semisweet chocolate.

Deb Gould
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These soft and chewy sugar cookies are made with brown butter for a nutty flavor, reminiscent of a chocolate chipless cookie for a delicious twist on a sugar cookie. Carb information is available in all of my recipes for anyone with diabetes who needs it, but don't worry - this is not a site for sugar free or low carb recipes. This recipe and others on this site are extremely delicious and not shy when it comes to flavor and sweetness!

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These chewy brown butter chocolate chip cookies have chewy soft centers, thinner edges, toasty brown butter, and two types of melty chocolate. With no mixer required, you can be munching on these addicting cookies in no time!

Rhonda Sondergard
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Want to elevate your recipes and take them up a few notches? Add Brown Butter! This one ingredient is sure to create a deep and rich nutty flavor, and will wow your guests at your next dinner party. Below you'll find a collection of recipes that use browned butter! Save them to make for your next party, or simply to enjoy at home.

Mary Carter