Bts aegyo

Experience the cuteness overload as BTS members show off their aegyo skills. Watch their adorable moments and fall in love with their playful charm.

Jimin,an Omega,is forced to live with four unmated Alphas and two Betas if he wants to become an Idol. What's worse than that is the fact that.. he feels attracted by one of them. And that one is none other than the cold-hearted Min Yoongi. (started : 25th June 2019; ended : 2nd August 2019) Best rankings: #1 omegaverse #1 beta #1 parkjimin #1 agustd #1 yoonmin

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An innocent girl named Brianna Johnson is the most nicest and caring person you could meet.She has been in a foster her whole life and really doesn't know a lot of stuff about the outside life. Now that she is 20 she has her own apartment and has a job at the cafe in South Korea and has been working there for 2 months. One day Brianna was at work when 7 men walk in and she just thinks they are seven intimidating men but they are much more than that.Their name was known as BTS and they were…