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BOOK done well ✔️ the use of negative space on the cover is bold and interesting, all while conveying the title of the book simply. Cover Design, Design, Book Cover Design, Graphic Design Book Cover, Graphic Design Books, Book Design Layout, Minimalist Book Cover Design, Book Cover Design Inspiration, Minimalist Book Cover

Above: Design of Frank Herbert's book, Dune by Brie Elam. Above: Design of Charles Portis' book, True Grit by Claire Parkin. Above: Design of Edwin Abbott Abbott's (A.Square) book, Flatland by Kevin Cutler. Above: Design of Norton Juster's book, The Phantom Tollbooth by Neil Palmer. Above: Design of Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography by Ryan Anderson. Above: Design of E.M. Forester's book, A Room With a View by Jessica Boos. If you would like to see previous posts of 2012 Student Book…

Meg Hamrick
Creative Director, Gifts

I really can’t stop looking at book covers. I will buy a book if the cover is awesome and I have some money to burn in my pocket. One thing I’ve noticed this year is that, irregardless…

Linnea Zimmerman