Capsule wardrobe summer work

Stay stylish and professional during the summer with these chic and versatile capsule wardrobe ideas for work. Discover how to create a minimalistic and functional wardrobe that will make getting dressed a breeze.
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Putting out a work capsule wardrobe seems weird when most people aren't working, or are working from home. But I said that I would put one out each season, and many of us may, in fact, be back into some kind of work normalcy by the summer.

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Old money style or quiet luxury is all about looking effortlessly polished with a preference for high-quality, classic items. It's about timeless, high-quality clothes that give off an elegant vibe. The look involves simple lines, muted colors, and classic shapes.This fashion values well-made basics over designer logos, focusing on quality rather than following trends.Key wardrobe

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