Cat reading

Explore adorable photos and videos of cats reading books. Discover the joy of seeing cats engaged in the world of literature. Join the fun and share your own cat reading moments.
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It's easy to wish you'd never laid eyes on your ex, and saved yourself a whole load of heartache. But every relationship fundamentally shapes you as a human being. Love the person that you are now, and understand that your ex helped you become that person, whether directly or indirectly. They helped fill in a chapter of your complex life story, so remember the parts of your relationship that enriched you, as well as the bad.

Sharon Vieira
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These cats don't care about your personal space. While some owners resort to shaming, in their heart of hearts, they know it's ineffective and will probably just result in an act of revenge. Cats don't have any concept of personal space and they will be sure to remind you of this with every chance they get.