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Discover unique and cozy cat shelter ideas to provide a safe and comfortable space for your furry friends. Give them a place to relax and play with these top cat shelter recommendations.
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Crafting a safe haven for your outdoor feline friends doesn't have to be a daunting task. With 30 free DIY outdoor cat house plans, you'll find accessible projects that cater to various skills levels, ensuring every pet owner can provide a warm, secure spot for their cats. These DIY outdoor cat house plans not only offer a sheltered space but also emphasize the warmth and protection crucial for your cat's well-being outdoors. Understanding the essentials of building an insulated outdoor cat…

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The project was an expansion that almost doubled the size of the original shelter to 27,100 sq. ft. and renovated the existing spaces. Phase construction was required so operations were maintained throughout the construction period. The project is LEED Gold Certified. Awards &...

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