Cats doing funny things

Get ready for a good laugh with these hilarious moments of cats doing funny things. Discover the funniest antics and adorable behaviors of our feline friends.
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Some say that people don’t deserve dogs; and while I agree with the statement, I believe that we might not be worthy of animals in general. With their adorably weird behavior and derpy faces, the critters undeniably make our world a better place, and there sure is enough content on the internet to back that up.

Barbara Bloodworth
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Cats are some of the cutest and most fascinating animals the world has ever known. And no matter how hard we try to satiate our desire for cat content, we just cat– Sorry, we just can’t get enough. We’ve covered the heartwarming transformations cats have gone through after being adopted into loving homes, memes we would tag our kitties in if their little paws could use Twitter, photos celebrating their adorable murder mittens, and pics that scream powerful meow energy.

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My girlfriends costumes are getting progressively more disturbing. via Bathroom signs are getting sassy. via Dressed as my cat Murnau for Halloween this year. via Ring bell for ass dance! via Is she seaworthy? via Veggie Erotica via On the tube today. via The crossover we've all been waiting for. Proof that Marilyn Manson and

Michele Wright